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Do you know what money types are driving your financial life? When you understand your unique relationship with money, you’ll be able to take control and improve your financial future.

This quiz helps you to relate your habits with money archetypes/personalities that might be the major driving force behind your financial situation. Having that understanding and awareness will be the building block going forward, as everything can be linked back to these archetypes or personality traits, and once you have good control of your behaviour and habits, you will be able to make longer and much stronger strides towards a secure financial future.

Would you like to understand more about yourself and your money personality, to uncover the reasons behind your patterns and behaviour with money?

The first step to financial transformation is awareness.


Click on each word that describes your tendencies relative to money. Once completed, click the 'SEE RESULTS' button below for your results.

The Eight Money Types and the Money Type Quiz are excerpted from the book Money Magic by Deborah L. Price © Copyright 2001 All rights reserved. Used with Permission.

What do the results mean?

A detailed report of your results will be emailed to you once you take the quiz.

I will be here to assist you to understand what these money archetypes mean and how they could be impacting your financial decisions. You don’t have to go on this journey alone because working with a Certified Money Coach is the best thing you can do for yourself!