How can money coaching help you?

You want to do the right thing and tried to get your financial life in shape and don’t understand why you are not achieving your goals.

You know what you should be doing but remain stuck. Your relationship with money feels complex and heavy. You’ve tried to identify & remove your money blocks but they remain stubbornly rooted.

It’s hard to understand how others can reduce it to a spreadsheet. What you need goes beyond a budget.

Does this describe you?

A money coach will help you understand and heal your inner relationship with money. This needs to be done before you can apply any practical financial advice.

Because your relationship with money runs through your entire life. Your parents’ financial circumstances and – more importantly – their beliefs about money began to shape your life before you were even born. During childhood, you absorbed this information, and formed attitudes and patterns around money without even knowing.

In fact, even childhood experiences that had nothing to do with money shaped the way you see and use money today. These unconscious patterns drive your decisions and affect every area of your life. From the jobs you take to the relationships you form.

Think of money coaching as bridge from the emotional side of money to the practical side.

Once we understand your emotions around money and have strategies to deal with them, we can then provide affordable financial education in easily understandable language.

Don’t worry if you feel like you don’t know enough or have made financial mistakes in the past. We weren’t taught about money at school and often don’t talk about it or share with our family and friends.

Personal finances don’t have to be complicated; a money coach will help you understand the basics and set up a system where you feel in control and can build wealth for the future.

Think of Money coaching as a short-term investment with lifelong returns.

Contact me now for a free discovery call and we can discuss how money coaching can put you on the path the financial freedom.

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